I’ve been waiting for this book for almost two years now. Although I know 37signals since 2001 I really got excited about this company when they lunched Basecamp. Before they…

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Since a couple of weeks Sapient has a new homepage. Great work! See for yourself how a web technology company show’s what can be done in good, informative web design.

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Some people created lots of real nice stone towers along the river Isar in Munich. Seems like one started and inspired everybody else to participate. Hope it will last for…

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How long do you usually wait to get your money at an ATM. You don’t know? I’d say too long at most ATMs. My bank account enables me to use…

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After a long time I visited PC Welt again – the German pendant to PC World. Apparently they have changed their navigation which now has different colors for each section.…

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I am very crazy about going to Reboot 7 the next weekend (June 10th – 11th). Lots of good speakers from around the world. Don’t know yet what to expect.…

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Everybody has learned to use a stereo with these symbols: > , « , », [] (stop/pause). Even children could understand that scheme very fast. So, when you use a…

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