In the process to unify all their web apps Google has now introduced a new way to navigate all their web apps – the new Google Bar. If you hover your mouse over the logo, it shows a menu with links to the main Google apps and a submenu for the rest. To me, that looks very exciting since it’s a whole new way to navigate. Here’s the video from the blog.

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Chicago based 37signals just launched Highrise, an online shared contact manager. It looks quite similar to their existing and successful applications, Basecamp, Backpack, Campfire and completes the “suite” of easy…

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Has anyone seen Bill Gates at reboot8? Or maybe Steve Ballmer? Most people would wish they would never be there but somehow they know about this conference. See for yourself…

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Unfortunately the Mac Address Book does not have a tool to export your data in csv-format. Since I do have a account I really needed that way to “synchronize”…

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