iTunes vs Media Player

Everybody has learned to use a stereo with these symbols:
> , « , », [] (stop/pause). Even children could understand that scheme very fast. So, when you use a computer now to listen to music, what would you do?iTunes: Apple chose to use those keys that would come to mind very easily. Right arrow, left arrow, for skipping to the next or the previous track. Changing the volume of the music, you use arrow up and down. If you want to play or pause you hit the space. Everthing is very easy.

Windows Media Player: Ctrl + P for play, Ctrl + F for next, Ctrl + B for previous track. Volume up is F10, down is F9. Nice way to learn where your keys are on the keyboard, but not very useful if you want to skip through the songs or have to change the volume. You always have to look where the key is.Why does Microsoft have to reinvent the wheel again. It would have been so easy to use Apples layout. This has the advantage that it is the same for each language, Microsoft has to change the key assignments for each country. Even in English it’s not very straigtforward. Instead of using the text label Forward for Ctrl – F they use Next (or Ctrl – N, to make it even better).

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