Marketing is not bullshit

Today at reboot Doc Searls talked about marketing as relationships. One of his slides showed marketing as being bullshit. In addition he thinks that

There’s no marketing in the attention economy, just sales

In my opinion he is wrong to some extend. Sure if you have a big crowd of people that talk about products you don’t need marketing to tell you about the product and the company still will sell the product. However, how does the first person to buy your product and spread the word know about your product?

If I want to buy a product I do look for it and might find blog talking about it. But how on earth do I find a product that does exist and nobody bought because nobody does no about it. So, you need marketing to tell you that this product exists. This is one of the major reasons why marketing exists is to tell you about products a company has to offer. Even the smallest amount of doing that, maybe just by putting the product in front of your company door, is marketing. And therfore we need to have marketing and this is not bullshit.

Marketing is about markets and if your product is not in the market nobody can buy it – you don’t have any sells. I would even say that the basic function of marketing can be seen as “bringing something to the market”. That said it should be clear that marketing is not bullshi.

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    June 14, 2006

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