On changing perspectives

Last year I switched position in my company. After several years of being in e-commerce I’m now a concept developer for various topics within the whole company. With the change I also had to move to another desk within the building. Although this wasn’t the first time I moved within the company this was the one that affected me the most – but in a positive way.

What happended.  My first desk was in a room where I could see every sunset, well, as long as the sky allowed me to see the sun. This wasn’t something too special for me since at home I also have the change to see the sunset everyday. I really liked working there as I do like sunsets very much. After some time my department had to move from the third floor to the first floor. The view was very limited there – the parking lot and a building. We did have the same sunlight every day, but no more sunsets, no more special moments that let you pause for a while and reflect. A short but important moment.

Then, my switch to the other department let me move to another desk in the office. Back on third floor, but not back at the first desk. Instead I was at the opposite side of the building, with a view  to the sunrise. When I came to the office the first time last winter before the sunrise I was flashed. I sat down and didn’t even start my computer. For a couple of minutes I sat down and just watched the sun rise. And did nothing else. No talking , no thinking, just enjoing the moment. And it reminded me of something really important I had forgotten: Chaning perspectives.

There’s almost always two (or even more) views to look at a task, a problem, a topic. And there might not be one right or wrong way, good or bad. Every perspective has it’s unique features, circumstances, advantages, problems, etc. It’s important to always remember that and search for other perspectives. Only by looking at something from a different angle you might get all the different issues that are important.

Since then I remembered that situation over and over. Especially in my work, when I have to create solutions for designing web pages and creating concepts. Whenever I’m stuck I’ll try to find a new perspective.

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