The kindle, really a reading device for articles?

About a year ago I bought my first kindle. Since then I have been reading a lot more books than in the previous years. I was quite happy with the reading experience on the display. Over the last 3 months I used my kindle in a new way. As I have to commute every day, I also tried to read web articles on it. Therefore you can use a couple of browser plug ins, also one from amazon. And now there’s even a plug-in for websites that allows you to send the content to your kindle.

So, after 3 months, my results are: Don’t use the kindle for common web articles that take up to 5 minutes to read. The details:

No real action possible after reading the article
If you like to share articles or bookmark them for later retrieval, this isn’t possible on the kindle. You have to open the article again on a PC or smartphone and then do that. Or, you bookmark the article first, but then you haven’t read it yet. Especially sharing is a problem, since you might have forgotten to do that when you go back to your PC.

Management of article on web view not very good
The kindle account pages are not very helpful if you want to delete or categorize your articles. You have to delete one by one. So, if you let amazon save a copy when you send the article and then later want to delete articles, it’s lots of work. One workaround is not to have amazon store content you send over whispernet.

No multiple screen support
When I find an article on the web that I can’t read immediately, I’d like to store it on a read-it-later-list. So far, this list has been the kindle. But this imposes the problem that when you happen to sit at the PC when you have time, you can’t read the article on it. One workaround to this would be a second read-it-later-list, but that’s not very helpful.

With those problems I didn’t really enjoy reading articles a lot, so I switched my tools. Now, I’m using Pocket and read most of my stuff on my Google Nexus smartphone. It works very fluid. My kindle is still in use for books and longer articles or PDFs.

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