Wait for your money

How long do you usually wait to get your money at an ATM. You don’t know? I’d say too long at most ATMs.
My bank account enables me to use ATMs from 4 different banks without extra charges. So I never have a problem to find one. After using all of them several times I have a clear favorite – HypoVereinsbank. Why? Cause it only takes a minute to get your money by hitting 5 buttons. 4 buttons to enter your PIN, one to select the amount (which is usually 50 Euros).

Other banks require you to hit up to 10 buttons until you get your money (same amount of 50 Euro). It might be not that big of a thing, but if you count the number of people that can get money during an hour it’s less. If your ATM is at a good location in the city center (and assuming there are some people that have to pay fees) it’s better to offer a fast system to get as many customers as possible.

What are your experiences with ATMs?

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